What can herbal medicine treat?

Herbal Medicine is appropriate for most of the conditions for which you would visit your GP. These include digestive and circulatory problems, skin complaints, sleep, stress and emotional issues, hormonal imbalances, musculo-skeletal conditions, respiratory conditions and many more.

Who can use herbal medicine?

Patients of all ages, from babies to the very elderly can benefit from herbal medicine.

What happens during a consultation with a Medical Herbalist?

The first consultation will last approximately 45 minuets, during which a detailed case history will be taken. This will cover you presenting problem, but also your previous medical history, medication, lifestyle, diet and social circumstances. A blood pressure check and any other examinations will be carried out where relevant. Follow up consultations are shorter, usually about 25 minuets.

The medical herbalist will then make a diagnosis based on their findings, and where necessary may refer the patient on for further tests. The management plan will then be drawn up in co-operation with the patient, and an appropriate herbal remedy prescribed.

Foraged edible dandelion flowers and greens in bowl

What will the herbal medicine be like?

The prescription is usually made up of a mixture of herbs. It can be a tincture (a blend of herbal extracts in an alcohol base) or a tea, capsules or cream for external use where appropriate.

Our philosophy of practice.

Medical herbalists use remedies made from whole plant extracts, and are trained to look beyond and beneath the obvious, to find the root cause of the problem, helping the body to correct imbalances and heal its self.

Herbalists do not treat symptoms, they treat people. No two people are exactly alike, even if they appear to be suffering from similar symptoms, so no two prescriptions are exactly the same.

Herbal Medicine for today’s society

In today’s developed world we face many challenges, such as pollutants, long term stress, drug resistance and side effects, and conditions such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure are on the increase. However we know more and more about our own bodies and how to look after them. So it’s not surprising that more people are looking towards herbal medicine. Herbs work with the bodies natural defence system, in a way which is gentle and well tolerated, and helps provide long

Therapies Offered

Herbal Medicine / Allergy Testing / Thermal Imaging / Aromatherapy / Reflexology

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