Herbal Medicine

Claire Evans N.I.M.H. and Sharon Dean N.I.M.H. are our qualified and professional medical herbalists and all consultations are held in the strictest confidence.

The process is very simple:

  • First consultation will take one hour and costs £50
  • Half an hour follow up after two weeks costs £25
  • Herbal medicine costs £8.50 per week

Allergy Testing

Vegatesting equipment is used to measure changes in the body’s energy field, which are the result of sensitivity to the substance being tested. It is an alternative, electrical method of testing for food and chemical sensitivity as well as vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

It costs £55 for a 45 minute consultation and is available monthly on a Monday and Tuesday. This is a very popular therapy and booking is essential, please contact us to arrange a test.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

E.F.T is a gentle non invasive method of releasing trauma and stuck stress in the body/mind/emotions by lightly tapping on specific acupressure points on the body through the clothes.

The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body`s energy system.EFT is a way of unblocking and releasing these disruptions so we can be free of the past and are then able to live our lives more fully from a calmer happier place.

Many studies have been done showing EFT can help rewire neurons in the brain,lower stress and increase serotonin.

Successfully used to help;

Stress and Anxiety/Fears and Phobias/Low Self Esteem/Grief and Bereavement/Chronic Pain/P.T.S.D/Weight Loss and Cravings  and more.

Sessions usually around 1 hour. £60

For more information contact Paula Tite 07779281043 Member of E.F.T.M.R.A




Natural herbal medicine selection with herbs and flowers in wooden bowls and loose, glass aromatherapy essential oil bottles and mortar with pestle on rustoic wood background. Top view.

Rose Reiki

A Nurturing, Powerful and Deeply Relaxing Treatment. Especially beneficial for Self Love , Self Worth, Chronic Tension, Womb Healing and rebalancing of the energy field.

Rose Reiki is a Divine Feminine Energy  originally brought through Ishtara Ammuna Rose. The session is gentle and non-invasive and the client is clothed. Sometimes i add in specific tones from tuning forks to add to the healing. Time to just be and deeply rest....

1 hour £45 Contact Paula Tite 07779281043 ROSE REIKI Practitioner

Thermal Imaging

A non-invasive breast screening or full body screening using digitial ifrared thermal imaging carried out by clinical thermographers offering 100% safe body and breast screen.

Breast Screening £255 Full Body Screening is £455

Therapeutic Massage

Full Body Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Chair Massage

Contact Erika Jones for More Information, Prices and Booking 07772703589

Erika obtained her massage qualifications at The London School of Massage in 2015 and also has a BSC Degree in Herbal  Medicine.



Our therapist Jenny Brooke is a very experienced and qualified reflexologist who offers a one hour treatment for £35 .For more information or to book contact Jenny 07903585536

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